Oral surgery and tissue regeneration

All Standard Operations of Dental Surgery

For example extractions, operative removal of (impacted, retained) teeth, cystectomy, root tip resection, surgical crown lengthening, jaw structure correction, etc


Periodontal Surgery

All kinds of flap surgeries for healing and regeneration of infected and reduced tooth supporting structures are.

Major surgical interventions when there are significant defects. 

With these type of procedures there are different techniques in use to regenerate the periodontal defect.

Regeneration Options:

Bone and bone substitutes
The patient's own bone (taken from areas of the jaw where there are no teeth) or bone substitute material is used for filling defects within the framework of flap surgeries, jaw ridge augmentation, cysts, sinus-lift surgeries, etc.

Straumann® Emdogain® - Enamel matrix derivative (Amelogen)

Emdogain is a growth protein within the body´s own stem cells in the dental pulp.  It stimulates the growth of connective tissue and bone on the tooth.

Periodontitis is associated with a loss of tooth-supporting tissues which is irreversible and the main reason for tooth loss if left untreated. Emdogain® is the golden standard when it comes to inducing the regeneration of lost periodontal tissues in a safe, easy and predictable way. Long-term clinical studies have demonstrated that Emdogain® can effectively save teeth and revert gingival recessions.


Membrane technology
Resorbable (collagen membranes) or non resorbable membranes are used with so called GUIDED TISSUE REGENERATION surgery in the context of regenerating the tooth supporting structures or bone in implant operations.


Loupes / Microscope

Oral hygiene and prophylaxis


Dental implamants and bone augmentation

Plastic - Aesthetic gum surgery

Ceramic crown - bridge technique

Filling and tooth reconstruction techniques


Focal therapy

Root canal treatment

Aesthetic dentistry

Periodontitis Treatment


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