Dental implamants and bone augmentation

Implant operation
After measuring and analyzing the condition of the jaw (x-rays, digital volume tomogram & computer simulation, model analysis) and a general medical examination, the appropriate implants for each patient individually are selected.  The entire set of surgical equipment (drills, infusions- and surgical sets…) is only used one time (sterilely packaged). This way the highest degree of sterility is guaranteed.

Sinus Lift Operation
To increase the amount of bone in the upper jaw, autogenous bone (bone harvested from other intraoral areas) and/or bone substitute material is inserted into the maxillary air sinus before or with the implantation.  After 4- 6 months this area will have developed into new bone and is at that point sufficiently strengthened for implants.

Bone augmentation in the lower jaw
The body´s own bone (from a part of the jaw where there are no teeth) and/or bone substitute material is covered with a membrane (one possible technique).  Since the bone/bone substitute material is protected by the membrane, it then has a chance to turn into fully matured new bone within 4 - 6 months.


Loupes / Microscope

Oral hygiene and prophylaxis


Oral surgery and tissue regeneration

Plastic - Aesthetic gum surgery

Ceramic crown - bridge technique

Filling and tooth reconstruction techniques


Focal therapy

Root canal treatment

Aesthetic dentistry

Periodontitis Treatment


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